John Archambault: Digitalist
A DIGITALIST is someone whose interest is all that pertains to the digital world. My focus is firmly upon the multitude of ways in which one can express meaning, significance and beauty via electronic mediums.
In May 2008 I completed the Minor Certificate Program in Computer Science @ the University of Massachusetts-Boston, and am particularly interested in both networks and multimedia.
For over two years I worked for Walter Bender @ the MIT Media Lab, where digital technologies are integrated more seamlessly with everyday life.
John Archambault I am a musician and recording artist with THE GROUND. Our aim is the dissemination of rich analog/digital soundscapes, mixed with visual stimuli, depicting the palette of emotions and sensations that are a part of the human experience.
As a lover of nature, I am an avid hiker, backpacker and photographer. Please feel free to peruse the pictures from some of my most recent trips.
Life is filled with challenges that one must overcome, and so I write poetry about sadness, misfortune, struggle and perseverance.

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